English: Film and Video


Lights, Camera, English! is a unique experience, using English in a practical environment. Students learn basic skills in script writing, camera work, sound and editing.

This course is based at Yard 1, situated in the nearby town of Bideford, a professional studio space equipped with recording and video production facilities.

Lessons are organised in a ‘workshop format’. Working in small groups, students plan, film and edit short film projects and will go home with copies of their work.

Challenging but very rewarding, this course is better suited to ages 14+, language level – intermediate and above. It is also available as a business English option for adult students.

Check out the trailer here:

Sample Itinerary for Lights, Camera, English!

Arrival at airport and coach travel (via Stonehenge if feasible) to Bideford to meet host families.

Full day excursion to Exeter or Tintagel.

Morning: Course introduction. In small groups, students make an introduction film.
Afternoon: Bideford town tour and quiz.

Morning: English class activity followed by a session with the tutors. Review of previous day’s filming and set up of stop/start animation project.
Afternoon: Groups storyboard their ideas and shoot their film.

Morning: Review of previous day’s work and set up of TV ad project. Brainstorming and storyboarding ideas, followed by filming, using green screen special effects.
Afternoon: Excursion to Clovelly.

All day: In groups, students work to produce a ‘news magazine’ show, including interview and information segments. Students work with tutors to plan, film and edit their shows.

Friday: Morning session / free afternoon
Morning: Completion of editing / voiceovers / titles and effects.
Film ‘premieres’ and awards ceremony!
Afternoon: Free session (beach visit or shopping in nearby Barnstaple).

Depart Bideford.


“Committed, perfectly organized, educational… SUPER! We enjoyed every minute!”
Petra, Austrian school group leader.

“We want to say thank you for a great week. It was fantastic and we learned a lot… Making films was so interesting and we laughed the whole time. We would love to come again!”
Anabel, Anna-Christine, Dorothee, Austrian students.